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Dean Jeffery Telego, President, Risk Management Technologies, Inc.

Dean Jeffery Telego is President of Risk Management Technologies (RTM) and RTM Communications, Inc.  Jeff directs RTM corporate development and oversees the companies’ technical operations.  Jeff has been in the environmental risk management field since 1978.


Risk Management Technologies, Inc. performs expert environmental risk management consulting for industrial/ manufacturing clients and financial services companies in the areas of business and real estate transactions, government relations, regulatory and policy analysis, strategic market planning, expert testimony, environmental insurance consulting and risk-based cleanups at industrial/ brownfield sites.  RTM also performs the overall regulatory interface and issues management for clients disposing of contaminated real property.


 For RTM Communications, Inc., Jeff creates and chairs two to four national conferences on environmental finance and risk management topics each year and develops customized training for the financial services industry in the United States, Asia and in Eastern and Central Europe.  Jeff is the managing co-editor of the book published by RTM Communications, Inc., entitled Environmental Risk Management--A Desk Reference.  RTM Communications also published a “Lenders’ Guide to Developing an Environmental Risk Program.”  


For 21 years, Jeff was also Executive Co-Director and Board Member of the Environmental Bankers Association (EBA), a financial services industry trade association created to develop model environmental risk management policies and procedures, exchange information by means of a clearinghouse and network, and apply this information in practical terms to credit risk analysis process in lending and for trust transactions.  One of the purposes of the EBA is to enhance visibility and awareness of environmental risk management’s global role in promoting environmentally sound lending, sustainable development and new concepts of social responsibility.  RTM produced two EBA meetings each year as well as it quarterly journal. RTM cofounded EBA in 1994.  Jeff served as EBA’s representative on EPA’s Negotiated Rulemaking for All Appropriate Inquiry. RTM was also the publisher and author of the EBA journal BankNotes. Jeff spearheaded the EBA’s first Chapter in Australia with the Environmental Bankers Associations of AustralAsia, EBAA.


Jeff received his formal education and training in human physiology and biophysics, bioethics, and business administration from Georgetown University and Olivet College.  He has published numerous technical papers on the environmental insurance marketplace and the role of environmental risk management and risk assessment.  Jeff is on the Board of Advisors for three publications, Bloomberg/BNA publications The Toxics Law Reporter and Environmental Due Diligence Guide, and on the editorial advisory board for Risk Management Magazine, a Risk and Insurance Management Society publication.  Jeff is also a contributing author to those publications.  Jeff participated in the Wharton School Center for Risk and Decision Processes on Pollution Insurance and serves on the ASTM Committee and subcommittees of E-50 on Environmental Assessment.