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Site Remediation Planning and Management

Project Scoping

Investigations and response activities require comprehensive planning. Before beginning any site activities, RTM identifies all applicable guidance, policies, regulations and statutes affecting site activities.

Our in-depth understanding of the technical, policy and procedural aspects of RCRA, CERCLA, and analogous state programs allow us to develop innovative approaches to projects. These approaches are often technically simpler, less expensive, and administratively acceptable.

Technical Assistance

Often, site activities require the coordinated efforts of a multidisciplinary team of experts.

RTM identifies individual experts and specialty firms with proven records of performance in understanding the complex technical and regulatory issues involved in these projects. We prepare bid documents, evaluate the responses, and prepare the contract documents that ensure careful risk transfer and effective, efficient, and coordinated project plans. In addition, we often oversee the implementation of the project plan.

Preparation of Project Plans

  • Work Plan (Sampling and Analysis)
  • Health and Safety
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Community Relations

Activities at hazardous waste management sites require the preparation of several plans, including: RTM ensures clients that site activities are performed in accordance with appropriate procedures and that information of a known and acceptable quality is obtained.

Scheduling and Budget

RTM prepares the comprehensive schedules and budgets for each project including critical path schedules for planning both activity and resource management. RTM provides briefings to clients on the progress of work and identifies actions that will result in savings of time and/or resources.

Project Coordination

RTM project managers are experts in coordinating large, multidisciplinary, field-oriented projects. Often, activities performed by one field team affects, or are affected by, activities of another field team. Using our site-specific operations and project management systems, our project managers constantly follow the progress of field activities and ensure that they are performed carefully, on-schedule and within the budget.

Oversight of Performance

Overseeing the performance of removal or response team action contractors is critical to establishing the effectiveness of the response and in documenting compliance agreements between responsible parties, private businesses, and government agencies. Our project managers prepare comprehensive oversight/work plans before field activities begin and thoroughly document all site activities as they are performed. RTM project managers compile comprehensive oversight records that include: 

  • Site investigation activities
  • Feasibility and Corrective Measures Studies
  • Design plans and specifications
  • Construction procurement
  • Construction implementation

RTM prepares written and visual documentation showing required procedures, any changes to the required site activities, and actual work completed. RTM works with regulatory agencies and our clients to ensure that all work products fulfill administrative and technical requirements in order to attain regulatory releases and/or liability protection.

Brownfield Redevelopments

Brownfield redevelopments are first and foremost real estate transactions dependent upon location and demand, with an environmental component. Brownfields are generally commercial or industrial real estate properties that are non-performing due to environmental risk or stigma. These distressed properties are typically devalued or undervalued because stigma and/or cleanup costs are more than the appraised fair market price of the property. Corporations and financial institutions are not only concerned about diminution in value of these properties, but also the potential for direct liability and cash flow impairment. RTM specializes in developing risk financing alternatives related to the acquisition, divestiture and cleanup of the environmental problems related to these properties and to facilitate structuring financial transactions.

RTM brings creative solutions to the planning of redevelopment projects or environmental due diligence on portfolios of distressed properties. We employ a site-specific risk-based cleanup technique and specialize in the packaging of these services in order to facilitate the divestiture of redeveloped industrial real estate. We develop practical risk management techniques that encompass manuscripted environmental insurance products and finite risk financing in order to transfer and/or cap environmental risk and liability. We recognize the redevelopments of brownfields are real estate transactions with an environmental risk issue rather than environmental remediation projects. For this reason, our consulting services focus on the broader issues of the redevelopment project. RTM brings together a team of experts to serve the buyer's or seller's needs in a given project, including lenders, investors, insurers, and remediation contractors, to work with the state and federal regulator, local governments and development agencies, legal advisors and others. RTM also provides the regulatory interface for the transaction and provides the spectrum of support services for the land-use issues to bring closer to the financial transaction.

Services include: 

  • Developing Work Plans or Master Plans
  • Providing Property Screening, Historical Research and Marketing Reporting
  • Preparing Feasibility Studies and Risk Evaluations
  • Negotiating Closure (NFA) for Cleanup Activities
  • Identifying Access to Capital for Financing and Environmental Insurance Coverages
  • Conducting Community and Regulatory Relations Consulting
  • Overseeing the project Management for the Removal/Remediation

If you are buying or selling idle or distressed real estate, we can provide an environmental risk management solution.

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