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Risk Assessments

RTM employs the use of risk assessment to support closure activities under state voluntary cleanup programs, as well as under RCRA, and to support remedial response under CERCLA. Risk assessments, which give an accurate profile of the contaminants and their risk to human health and the environment, provide appropriate rationale for the development of closure or remedial response plans. RTM develops closure or cleanup options to specifically address those identified risks. In most cases, these streamlined risk-based closure options are more realistic and cost-effective than traditional, non-risk based closure alternatives.

The success of RTM staff in the area of risk-based closures demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach. We objectively evaluate the existing site conditions and diligently work toward realistic solutions. RTM works closely with the clients, client's counsel, and regulatory agencies to assure that technical issues are resolved prior to formal submittal of closure and remedial response plans or permit applications. The efforts made by RTM with the agencies have resulted in timely regulatory approval and the virtual absence of notices of deficiencies. Our commitment to quality benefits our clients by improving their compliance status and reducing their financial exposure.

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