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Risk Management Technologies, Inc.

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Environmental Site Assessments and Compliance Audits

Environmental exposure resulting from ongoing or past practices can create legal, financial and operating risk and liability for uninformed parties. Risk Management Technologies, Inc. (RTM) has assisted many clients in meeting their environmental risk management obligations. We have the proven depth of experience and capabilities in preparing site assessments/audits to effectively meet the needs of our clients. Our experience and capabilities range from desktop or screening evaluations, to on-site visual site assessments/audits, to complex modified Phase I and Phase II sampling and analysis projects. Our services have led to substantial risk transfer and protection for clients from pollution exposures, significant financial benefit through characterization and quantification of risk in property transfer negotiations, and regulatory relief through letters of "No Further Action" or site closure/letter of completion upon the remediation of contaminated sites.

RTM's staff conducts environmental compliance audits, property transfer assessments, industrial assessments, due diligence acquisition audits (technical and financial), and pollution liability insurance risk assessments for domestic and international operations involved in both on-site and off-site hazardous waste disposal. RTM works with clients to design a program, at the necessary level of detail, to achieve a given project's goals. RTM's depth of capabilities in project management and oversight are available to serve the client as needed. The scope of RTM site assessments and audits exceed ASTM standards. RTM can do more than just conduct studies and report on the findings. Our findings are backed by defensible solutions.

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