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Save Our Seabirds

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Great White Egret named the Green Lantern
and a regular visitor to SOS.

Cranes in this habitat have leg injuries which
require prosthetic legs that must be changed regularly.

These birds suffered from severe wing, eye and feet
injuries due to mono-filament fishing lines.

Two Great Blue Herons.

This Great Blue Heron suffered wing and leg injuries.

This Crested Caracara was tragically shot in the wing.

Rocky, the Moluucan Cockatoo, was surrendered to SOS for care in
2009, has perfected Jeff's laugh. Click on the photo to see the video.

Gabby, an Umbrella Cockatoo, came to SOS after family could
no longer care for the bird. Can sing entire Happy Birthday song.

White Pelican flown to SOS on Delta Airlines because it could not
fly with its flock. To be released from SOS to rejoin its flock.