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If there is only one conference you can attend this year in this recovering economy, this is the ONE that will allow practitioners to capitalize on business strategies and tactics for tackling distressed real estate assets and dynamic energy transactional opportunities.

This RTM conference zeros in on the business tactics for managing corporate surplus/distressed assets and focuses on the legal, environmental and transactional issues associated with the acquisition and divestiture of corporate real properties. Managing distressed corporate assets and other non-performing surplus corporate and government properties involving environmental contamination is one of the central themes of this conference.

The Conference will also delve into facilitating dynamic energy transactions and sustainable development that include the siting and financing of renewable energy/clean technology on brownfield sites, the business, regulatory and environmental risk management issues pertinent to hydraulic fracturing and shale gas production and the opportunities and risks of performing sustainable remediation at port terminals.

Currently there are over 22,395 commercial and industrial properties nationwide considered distressed or under the care of a lender. But there is a growing mix of barometers that indicate commercial and industrial real estate markets are stabilizing. There are still half a million to a million brownfield sites that require cleanup and redevelopment. With the economy picking up steam and manufacturing scaling up activity, corporate industry is looking to deploy some of the $2.2 trillion in cash. Cautious liquidity in the debt and equity markets is emerging with more middle market M & A deals and private equity financing opportunities involving commercial and industrial sites, including brownfield sites. Commercial and industrial real estate markets and values are improving depending on location and demographics.

Day One of this conference covers successful land development strategies using structured seller financing and joint ventures. We then turn to industry trends on commercial real estate, environmental due diligence and capital markets, and case law transforming business and real estate transactions. We will address environmental case law affecting business and real estate transactions, with questions concerning new standards for Superfund liability relief, such as being in compliance with continuing obligations in order to retain the bona fide prospective purchaser defense under CERCLA. We will hear from the transactional pros on how deals and redevelopments are getting done in this marketplace. Day One concludes comparing and contrasting the Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey site cleanup and brownfield redevelopment programs and how effectively their licensed site professional programs are dealing with issues associated with vapor intrusion, deed restrictions, regulatory auditing, and liability transfers.

Day Two starts with industry perspectives on the business drivers, regulatory initiatives, economic and environmental risk management impacts and challenges of Marcellus Shale development and gas production arising from hydraulic fracturing and shale gas drilling. Many of the subjects covered on Day Two include green building due diligence and the benchmarking of energy data and the retrofitting of buildings green, energy disclosure requirements, siting and financing renewable energy technologies on nonperforming and brownfield sites and the use of sustainable remediation of contaminated sites, such as port terminals.

Day Three is all about the technical, legal and transactional issues associated with vapor intrusion. In particular, the conference will be reviewing at the revised EPA and state(s)vapor intrusion guidance and the workings of the Massachusetts Vapor Intrusion Guidance and the movement away from regulatory closure at vapor intrusion sites.

Attend this Boston conference and acquire the information needed to take advantage of the business opportunities evolving from the sustainable property transaction marketplace. The goals of this Boston conference are for you to become better equipped to mitigate your transactional and legacy risks and facilitate sustainable site redevelopments. This exciting and value-added informative conference will host some of the industry’s most effective practitioners and participants in their respective fields. Please visit us at www.rtmcomm.com for more details about the conference. You can register and pay online at www.rtmcomm.com.